• The Kick Off

    In June 1997 at the Tournoi De France Tournament, Roberto Carlos of Brazil scored one of the spectacular goals.  Roberto Carlos took a free kick 33.3 meters from the goal. Once struck, the ball was heading wide of the post… but then it took a complete turn and it curved hitting the inside of the post and into the net. It was hailed to be one of the best goals ever taking the name of “the Banana kick”.

  • The Idea

    Some years later, Roberto Carlos stated in an interview “To be honest, until this day I don’t know how I did that”. This statement by Carlos intrigued a man, Mr Paul Gainford into the mission of investigating, researching and eventually answering how it had been done. The conclusion of this mission revealed that  Roberto Carlos created a 600 RPM spin on the ball to curl the ball the way it did, which was created by the “Magnus Force Effect”

  • The Result

    After 20 years of research, many prototypes and much scientific testing, Paul Gainford invented the Promagnus. By taking the spin of the ball into a unique proven football training device which spins the football at 5 different speeds. Any player can train, learn and improve their ball curling techniques, by starting at the highest speed and working down the speeds until muscle memory allows the player to create the spin

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