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Train yourself to create incredible bend with the Promagnus.  This brand new, first of it's kind device that is scientifically proven to improve the curling technique by 46% in only 80 kicks.
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The Promagnus has a slim, sleek design that keeps the ball low to the ground for a more natural experience, it spins both directions so you have the ability to train both feet, inside or outside the foot.

There is the option of 5 speed settings, starting with the fastest and reducing the speed as you gradually improve your technique. The cup that the ball is placed in has a sensor that stops the spin once the ball has been kicked off the device.

We have also added light indicators that let you know when the ball is up to its desired speed, ready to be kicked. Underneath is a pivot that stabilises the ball while spinning, it allows the Promagnus to adjust to a wobbling ball by wobbling itself, absorbing the wobble from the ball, allowing it to spin at speed without falling out of the cup, it's very important to give the Promagnus the freedom to wobble as this is what it's designed to do.

There is an integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery which takes around 3 hours to fully charge and will give you 15 hours of continuous use, there is also a battery indicator LED that tells you when you have around 30 kicks left


Weight: 2 pounds

5 speed settings in RPM : 150, 300, 450, 600, 800.

Spins in both directions for left and right footed players (inside and outside of foot).

12−month guarantee.

Rechargeable battery and charging cable.

15−hour Battery life and charges in 3 -4 Hours.

The device can be used on any type of pitch surface.

An in-built feature senses when the ball has been kicked and automatically stops the spin of the ball cradle, which prolongs battery life and reduce wear and tear on components.

LED indicators inform when the ball is up to speed and ready to be kicked.

Water resistant for use in damp conditions.

This product includes a Bluetooth Remote Control Start Spin Device, Mains Charger (5v / 3A) and 3 Mains Adapters.